Is surfing’s rebel culture dead?

Basically the Court tossed out a bunch of fines the FCC was desperately trying to levy on the networks for some uncensored outbursts on live TV shows. What were those outbursts? Cher blurted out “fuck” during a speech at the 2002 Billboard Music Awards. So did Bono at the Golden Globes two years later. And Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie after that. Nobody really noticed and nobody much cared, except for the FCC, whose panties were tightened up into a big-time bunch. But they were pretty much it. Not even the grouchy elders of the Supreme Court could rouse themselves…


Best Practices for Line Icons in Website Design

With highly popular flat and solid icons, line style glyphs rule the roost this year. They have found their place not only in traditional control centers, navigation bars, social media widgets or pagination but also in an inner structure such as service sections or feature lists. From tiny intuitive vigilantly crafted variants to enormous and bold responsive versions, from one-tone realization to lavish solution, they are optimal and viable instruments for enriching design aesthetics, highlighting key points, supporting important text blocks, reinforcing navigation through the project and simply enhancing the user experience. Its delicate nature and a ton of personality…


Some would argue it was far from ideal, Jamie O’Brien

We’ve seen Teahupo’o bigger. We’ve seen it more perfect. But never has the world seen Tahiti’s most feared wave so big and so perfect at the same time. Some would argue it was far from ideal, Jamie O’Brien called many of the waves 20-foot closeouts. This coming from the man who surfed the place on fire, first thing that morning. But in terms of picturesque, cavernous walls turning themselves into exaggerated caricatures of what we think a wave is meant to look like, this was as good as it gets. Move over 2011’s Code Red, this is Code Orange, the…



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